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Water Enhancers

The Water Enhancers

The Water Enhancers are capable of treating large volumes of water and are compatible with most water sources.  Flow rates for single units range from 40 – 80 litres per minute, enough for a large 3 bathroom home or a commercial premises.

Water treatment is a complex process which needs a number of Processes and materials to achieve the best result. Reaction, absorption and exchange are required to remove the many contaminants present in our water. The Water Enhancer allows these processes to be carried out in a single vessel.

The principle

We have looked to nature to allow us to mirror the natural way water behaves and is Revitalized on its many journey’s. Water is subject to riverbed filtration by way of its Flowing through fine sand particles, over pebbles and through fissures made of different Rocks. Water is also energized by its own movement and dissimilar rare earth metals that are present in The landscape.

The effect

By using a bed of unique Bio-Ceramic beads of different sizes and qualities, we can imitate the Journey water takes in nature. The ‘Enhancer Bed’ also contains dissimilar rare earth metals which Produce a minute electrical current to re-energise the water. Water in nature is rarely moving in Straight line as it twists and turns on its journey. The water Enhancer forces the water upwards through the Bio- Ceramic balls which revolve and move imitating the effect of the river bed on the water.

The Quality

The combination of the Bio-Ceramics with highly efficient chemical removal beads create great tasting bacteria free, Chlorine and Chloramine free water. Heavy metals are removed and Flouride Is dramatically reduced. The Bio-ceramics create an ionic bed which effectively inhibits scale formation within pipework and equipment. Added Magnesium particles produce Molecular Hydrogen in the water and release trace amounts into the water. The final product is a safe, friendly Water that is good for your health and reduces maintenance and energy bills.


Our Water Enhancers are fully maintenance free for 3 years.